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Pork Shoulder Roast with Crispy Crackling

It’s your dream come true – a juicy Pork Shoulder Roast with Crispy Crackling AND Gravy. Extremely tender meat, loopy crispy crackling and a gravy to die for. SO simple – no scoring, no pricking. Listed below are my secret ideas!

Close up photo of Pork Shoulder Roast with Crispy Crackling being cut with a knife

Gravy being poured over slow roast pork shoulder with crispy crackling

“Nagi, you’ve a Crispy Chinese language Pork Stomach which I like, however I don’t supposed you’re planning on doing a non Asian Crispy Pork Roast?? I’m obsessive about crackling. I’d like to understand how you do it! ☺️”

After I acquired that message, I used to be flabbergasted for a second. I hadn’t executed a “regular” pork roast with crackling??

I needed to change that instantly. 6 days after I obtained that message – right here it’s. It’s each carnivore’s dream come true. Juicy, tender pork AND ridiculously crispy crackling WITH gravy.

Pork Shoulder Roast with Crispy Crackling and Gravy

There’s loads of literature on the market about foolproof methods to crispy pork crackling. From pouring boiling sizzling water over the pores and skin, to utilizing a blow dryer, pricking and naturally scoring (which I discuss extra beneath).

You possibly can have crispy pores and skin with none of that. Even with out scoring.

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Crispy Pork Crackling

All of it begins with the pork

Relating to gradual roasted pork with a crispy crackling pores and skin, my first selection is unrolled boneless shoulder. Rolled pork (ie trussed with string or netted) and Pork Neck, aka Scotch Fillet Roast (Collar Butt for these within the States) can even work with this recipe however there’s one large distinction:

Flatter pores and skin = higher crackling

Flatter pores and skin = extra even warmth distribution throughout the pores and skin = higher crackling.

Rolled Pork Shoulders and Pork Scotch Fillets are sensible for gradual cooking. However they’re formed like a log, and this usually results in good crackle on the very prime however ok-to-mediocre crackle on the edges (which is almost all of the floor space).

So even when your pork shoulder comes rolled, unroll it! For those who purchase it contemporary from the butcher, they may in all probability ask in the event you if you’d like it rolled.

Response: NO! 😂

Pork Shoulder Cuts for slow roasted pork with crispy crackling.


You don’t want to attain for crispy, bubbly crackling. It helps, as a result of with scored pores and skin, the fats beneath the pores and skin bubbles up whereas baking.

And this recipe will work simply nice with scored pores and skin. Most pork right here in Australia from supermarkets tends to be scored. For those who’ve gotten your pork from a reliable butcher, the scoring will solely improve this recipe.

However relaxation assured – scoring shouldn’t be vital for crispy crackling! This complete recipe relies round that actual fact. 🙂


When the bone is faraway from a pork shoulder, it considerably flattens the meat which makes the pores and skin flatter. Which is why boneless unrolled shoulder is my selection for guaranteeing I get most bubbly, golden crispy crackling – as a result of flatter pores and skin floor space = much less threat of rubbery non crispy pores and skin.

Bone-in advocates will inform you that meat is at all times juicier when cooked with the bone in, and that’s true. However we’re utilizing pork shoulder right here which is fantastically marbled with fats so that you don’t lose juiciness for the sake of crackling.

Raw boneless pork shoulder ready for roasting


Moisture is the best enemy of pork crackling. For those who rating the pores and skin and by accident reduce by to the meat, the juices will bubble up whereas roasting and can trigger patches of rubbery pores and skin.

Pork shoulder from supermarkets normally come vac packed which soaks the pores and skin in juices. In case your pork was vac packed, the easiest way to make sure actually dry pores and skin is to pat it dry with paper towels then go away it uncovered within the fridge in a single day, or not less than three hours.

The dry pores and skin check: Run your fingers throughout the floor. Does it glide easily? Nice, it’s dry. Is it sticky like if you contact your individual pores and skin on a sizzling, humid day? It’s nonetheless moist! Dab, dab, dab with paper towels. (Although this recipe has a step to alleviate some pores and skin wetness, so don’t fret an excessive amount of!)

Raw boneless pork shoulder with skin


Tremendous simple. Sprinkle the underside (ie non pores and skin aspect) with salt, pepper and fennel seeds (or different herbs/spices of selection) plus olive oil. Rub away, getting it into all of the cracks and crevices.

Flip, then drizzle the pores and skin with only a little bit of oil, rub away, sprinkle generously with salt and only a little bit of pepper. That’s it!

Oil is a warmth conductor so it helps with the crispy pores and skin, particularly given the pores and skin shouldn’t be scored as a result of if you rating the pores and skin, the fats beneath the pores and skin bubbles up whereas it’s roasting, creating the identical impact because the oil.

And salt attracts moisture to the floor to assist create crispy pores and skin. Crackling loves salt. No skimping on salt! 😂

Preparation steps for Slow Roasted Pork with Crispy Crackling

I exploit halved entire garlic bulbs and onion within the roasting pan which serves 2 functions – it elevates the pork barely which helps with even cooking and it creates tremendous tasty pan juices which is used to make a gravy.

As for the braising liquid, there’s loads of choices. From white wine to apple cider, rooster and vegetable broth to apple juice or water, it’s not a lot about what’s used as it’s about utilizing some type of liquid to supply some moisture whereas the pork roasts.

Preparation steps for slow roasted pork shoulder with crispy crackling


And right here’s one other of my ideas for the trail to crispy crackling – roasting uncovered.

Cowl the pork with foil, and your beautiful pores and skin is steaming away with all that moisture, compromising your goals of crispy pores and skin.

This pork doesn’t should be coated as a result of it cooks quicker as a result of it’s boneless.


Juicy, gradual cooked meat requires lengthy cooking at decrease temperature, whereas crispy crackling requires hight warmth.

So we begin this pork on a decrease temperature for two.5 hours to interrupt down the powerful meat and make it fantastically juicy. That is much less time than different recipes you might even see as a result of it’s a boneless pork shoulder.

As a result of it’s roasted uncovered, the pores and skin isn’t subjected to the moisture from steaming so it will get a kick begin for the crisping, drying out any residual moisture.

However it’s nonetheless not there after the preliminary gradual prepare dinner time. Here’s what it seems to be like:

Phase 1: Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Crispy Crackling after the slow cook


Bear in mind how I stated that the key to optimum crackling is even warmth distribution and the way that depends on even floor space?

Properly, pork shoulder, being the sinewy connective-tissue dense reduce that it’s, tends to get all knotted up and warped when roasted with out being rolled with string.

So right here’s a key tip to optimum crispy, bubbly crackling in your pork pores and skin: LEVEL IT OUT earlier than blasting with excessive warmth. Pull out big flappy bits to the aspect and use balls of foil to degree out the floor of the pores and skin as a lot as you possibly can earlier than we blast it with warmth to make it puff and bubble.

Right here’s an instance of how I did my pork – the photograph on the left exhibits how low the entrance aspect is, then on the proper, it’s extra levelled out after propping it up with a ball of foil.

Secret to best pork crackling - level out the skin using foil balls


After the pork flesh is damaged down so its good and juicy, now it’s time for the crackling.

Crank up that warmth, and that is what comes out.

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Crispy Pork Crackling

Extremely crispy crackling with extremely tender meat…..

Tender pork roast with crispy crackling



The important thing tip right here is to separate the crackling from the pork meat earlier than reheating.

The pork is made for reheating within the microwave beneath cling wrap, in a moist atmosphere.

Crackling is supposed for reheating in an oven, so it stays crisp.

And guess what? Even after refrigerating, crackling remains to be crispy – COLD!!! 🙌🏻 However it’s even crispier when it’s sizzling!!!

Reheat pork crackling in the oven and the pork in the microwave


I believed lengthy and laborious about the perfect sauce to share for this recipe. So many choices, from salsa verde to mustard sauces, to easily utilizing pan juices.

However I can’t go previous gravy.

It has superb flavour as a result of we use the pan juices – it could be felony to waste it!

The gravy for this pork roast is easy to make – simply pressure the roasting pan juices right into a saucepan, add flour, combine, then add rooster broth and simmer till it’s the thickness you might be after.

Preparation steps for gravy for pork roast

Gravy for pork roast being poured into a gravy boat

And certainly it goes with out saying… by no means pour gravy onto crispy crackling! All that effort for epic crackling solely to douse it and make it soggy?? Nooooooo!!!

Transfer the crackling to the aspect, then douse in gravy!!!

Soooo…what’s on the menu for Sunday evening dinner this weekend?? Simply the standard Spag Bol… or a loopy juicy Pork Shoulder Roast with Crispy Crackling…..? 😜  Nagi x

Gravy being poured over slow roast pork shoulder with crispy crackling

Cutting into a Slow Roast Pork Shoulder with Crispy Crackling and Gravy

Pork Shoulder Roast with Crispy Crackling

Recipe video beneath. That is the way to make a juicy pork roast with tender flesh that’s sliceable with a loopy crispy crackling WITHOUT scoring or pricking. Served with a gravy that’s to die for. Learn the submit for further ideas!

  • 2.5 – three kg/ 5 – 6 lb boneless pores and skin on pork shoulder, unscored ((Notice 1))
  • 2 half tsp salt (, separated)
  • 1 half tsp black pepper (, separated)
  • 2 tsp fennel seeds ((or different herb/spice of selection))
  • 1tbsp+ 1 tsp olive oil
  • 2 garlic bulbs (, halved horizontally)
  • 1 onion (, quartered (brown, white, purple))
  • 2cups/ 500 ml dry white wine or alcoholic cider ((Notice 2))


  • 1/four cup / 65g flour
  • 2cups / 500ml rooster broth (, low sodium)
  • Salt and pepper
  1. Pat the pores and skin dry with paper towels. If time permits, go away within the fridge uncovered in a single day (even 1 hr helps). If not, pat further effectively.
  2. Preheat oven to 220C/430F.
  3. Sprinkle pork flesh with 1 half tsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1 half tsp fennel seeds and 1 tbsp olive oil.

  4. Rub into flesh, proper into all of the crevices and cracks.
  5. Flip pork, drizzle pores and skin with 1 tsp oil, then rub throughout with fingers.
  6. Sprinkle throughout with 1 tsp salt and half tsp black pepper.
  7. Place halved garlic bulbs and onion in roasting pan.
  8. Place pork pores and skin aspect up on prime of them, being cautious to not submerge pores and skin into the liquid.
  9. Rigorously pour wine into the pan, being certain to not moist the pores and skin. Switch to oven.
  10. Instantly flip oven right down to 160C/320F (normal) or 140C/290F.
  11. Roast 2 half hours. Take away from oven.
  12. Flip oven as much as 240C/450F, or as excessive as it’s going to go.
  13. If the pork is warped, alter to make the pores and skin floor as degree as attainable utilizing balls of foil and shifting meat items to the aspect – tip for crispy crackling (Notice three).
  14. If pan is dried out, add water.

  15. Return pork to oven for 30 minutes, rotating each 5 to 10 minutes or till pores and skin is crisp and bubbly.
  16. Switch pork to serving platter, tent loosely with foil then slice and serve with gravy. It’s finest to make use of a serrated knife to chop.
  17. Serve with gravy. Don’t pour gravy over crackling – transfer it to the aspect!


  1. Pressure pan juices right into a saucepan, scraping in each however you possibly can.
  2. Press to further juices from garlic, onion and so forth.
  3. Add flour, whisk to mix.
  4. Activate warmth to medium, then pour broth in whereas whisking.
  5. Simmer till thickened to syrup consistency – it’s going to thicken extra whereas serving. (Notice four for color tip)

  6. Alter salt and pepper to style. pour into serving jug. Serve with pork.

1. Pork: use a flat, boneless pork shoulder that’s not scored. The flatter the pores and skin, the higher the crispy cracking. See in submit for extra particulars. Scored pork can also be okay.

This recipe is designed for pork with out scored pores and skin (ie slashes throughout the pores and skin). Nonetheless, in case your pork pores and skin is scored, comply with the recipe as is, it’s going to work simply nice BUT you might be able to take it out earlier through the excessive warmth section proper on the finish, decide by how your crackling seems to be.

2. Any dry white wine or alcoholic cider is ok. Even apple juice is nice, which I’ve tried and beloved. Hen broth may also be used however it you do, use water for the gravy. Water may also be used (however keep on with broth for gravy).

three. The extra degree the pores and skin is, the higher the crackling. See in submit for instance. Use scrunched up balls of foil to degree the peak of the floor earlier than blasting with excessive warmth to get the bubble. The extra degree the floor, the higher the crackling. Pork shoulder that’s not trussed with netting or string will warp when cooking. If in case you have giant bits of meat which can be protruding and inflicting the pork pores and skin to be uneven, simply pull it out to the aspect to permit the pores and skin to be extra degree.

four. Gravy color relies on the browning within the pan juices. In case your gravy is gentle than you need, a cheeky tip is to make use of DARK soy sauce as a substitute of salt. It’s going to darken your gravy however nobody will ever style the soy sauce!



Now that’s real love……

Dozer the golden retriever pork crackling

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